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Sherry Li of Thompson Education Center Invited to the Victory Reception

On January 18th, Sherry Li, the CEO of Thompson Education Center, along with Mike Wang, Board Member/General Manager of the Center, and other associates attended the Victory Reception. This was an event honoring Republican National Committee chair, Reince Priebus. Vice President Mike Pence, the newly appointed Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee Sharon Day, and Republican Finance Chair Lewis M. Eisenberg all attended the Reception. Later that night, Sherry Li, Chairman of the Board of Thompson Education Center and Chairman of the education center’s school board joined the Cabinet Dinner with select Cabinet appointees and to have an intimate policy discussion.

Thompson Education Center has always been a supporter and contributor of the Trump’s victory campaign. Back on September 29th, Thompson Education Center attended the Trump Victory Campaign Dinner in New York. Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump and Vice President Candidate Mike Pence both attended and gave speeches during the dinner event. Throughout his speech, Mr. Trump talked about his vision of how to “Make America Great Again! “.

“As a real estate developer, I share the same American dream and the same American value with you,” Sherry Li, Chairman of Board of Thompson Education Center shared her point of view with Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump and Vice President Candidate Mike Pence before the dinner.

On December 7th, after Trump elected, Thompson Education Center attended the breakfast event hosted in New York by President-Elect Trump and his Transition Finance Committee Members including well-known Steven Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary), Wilbur Ross (nominated as Secretary of Commerce), Ambassador Charles Glazer and many others including well known Lewis M. Eisenberg, a businessman and investor who serves as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee and sits on the leadership team of Trump’s Inaugural Committee. The name list of the Transition Finance Committee attached below shows that promoting economic development will be the main agenda for Trump’s administration.

In addition to Thompson Education Center’s donations towards Trump’s victory campaign, Sherry Li, Chairman of Board of Thompson Education Center later become a RNC Regent Member of Republican National Committee.

Thompson Education Center project is coming to the Town of Thompson. It will develop a new high-end education community in Sullivan County, New York. The project has entered into agreements and signed letters of interest with high schools, colleges, and education institutions of which each of them will provide a great number of students to attend the education center.

Thompson Education Center project will help create many jobs in the region and stimulate the local economy. There will be total 6 phases for the project, and according to the economic report, each phase will create over 3000 jobs (including Direct, Indirect and Induced effect jobs). Over 20,000 jobs will be created throughout the entire project, such as construction professionals (including architect, engineer, land use lawyer, environmental specialist, planner, well driller, wastewater management team, traffic study team, modular manufacturer, landscape & lighting, general contractors and Sullivan local sub-contractors), real estate agents, professors, instructors, cleaning, and maintenance workers, etc. In addition to the jobs directly created from the project and the day-to-day operations on location, there will be a ripple effect throughout the community. The new employees along with the resources required to run the Education Center will increase demand greatly for local goods and services, benefiting the entire local community.

Thompson Education Center will bring investment into the U.S. to create job opportunities, which includes many high-income jobs. As a result, the middle class will back to American society. The goal of the Thompson Education Center project is in line with President-elect Trump’s new policy, together we can “Make America Great Again!”

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