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Sherry Li Sponsors Annual “Grown Here” Dining Experience Through Thompson Education Center

The Town of Wallkill Boys & Girls Club of Wallkill NY hosted on November 12th their annual “Grown Here” farm-to-table dining experience. This dining event features dishes made by 4 local chefs. They cooked using ingredients grown or produced locally. Local wines, craft beers, and spirits were also served.

Sherry Li, CEO of Thompson Education Center, was a sponsor of the event, especially for the “rare and unique” wine auction, which was hosted by Dr. David Ainbinder. Sherry commented, “It is such a pleasure to support and attend the events hosted by our Boys & Girls Club. Not only do we have a great time together but all of the proceeds go towards the children. It’s a win-win for our community.”

Thompson Education Center is a project that plans to create a high-end education community. It is located in Sullivan County, Town of Thompson, covering 575 acres.

The initial development of the Thompson Education Center would work with accredited colleges to develop a new high-end and modern comprehensive Education community in Sullivan County. It will include a Business School, a school of Film & Arts, Nurse/Medical Training, Culinary Training, High School Equivalent Diploma, Executive and Vocational Training program as well as related ancillary facilities. After completion, the project will include classroom buildings, student dormitory apartments, student group housing units & a recreational center. In addition there will be a faculty housing, a college Inn, a college library, museums, an art center, a student conference center and an indoor/outdoor recreational facility including playgrounds and a stadium.

Currently, Thompson Education Center has entered into agreements and signed letter of interests with high schools, colleges, education institutions and systems both in U.S. and China, each of them will provide a great number of students to Thompson Education Center. Also, TEC has already been working with several U.S. accredited colleges on Undergraduate Programs and ESL Programs.

TEC will bring economic growth to the local community. Numerous construction professional firms have been retained for the project such as architects, engineers, land-use lawyers, local contractors. An increasing number of jobs will be created throughout the entire project, such as real estate agents, professors, instructors, librarian, cleaning, and maintenance workers amongst many others.

Thompson Education Center is proud to be a community member and willing to support and to help our community and children. Together we can build a better, stronger and healthier community.

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