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Sherry Li of Thompson Education Center Travels to Thailand for an Education Coop Seminar

In 2019, Ms. Sherry Li, CEO of Thompson Education Center, along with Mr. Lianbo Wang, the Director/General Manager of Thompson Education Center, visited universities in Thailand for a meeting. The purpose was a future educational collaboration.

Ms. Sherry Li and Mr. Lianbo Wang visited the International College of Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep. The College has five established courses, including International Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Tourism, and Information Technology. The President of International College discussed with Ms. Sherry Li on the educational cooperation projects that can be carried out to cultivate the students’ professional competitiveness in the international business environment. Students can study at International College of Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep for 1-2 years to improve their English and international cultural adaptability for building an international perspective and communication skills. Then they can enroll in the Thompson Education Center for the remaining 3 or 2 years to study and earn a double degree with the schools and colleges that partnered with this Center.

The university directly leads and manages the International College of Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (ICUTK). This provides a unique and economical learning experience for Thai and international students. All courses in the college are taught in English. Students will be able to significantly improve their English level in the process of learning and cultivate their professional competitiveness in the international business environment.

On the same day, Ms. Li also had a meeting and discussion with the president of the largest private school, Bangkok Thonburi University, the Executive Vice President of the School Board, and the President of the International College. The meeting focused on and discussed the educational cooperation contents between Thompson Education Center and its partner schools, colleges, and Bangkok Thonburi University. The cooperation includes 2+2 program, 1+1+2 program, double degrees and international courses. The two parties reached a consensus and planned to conduct comprehensive cooperation in the future and explore the Asian education market.

Bangkok Thonburi University is located in the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. It is a well-known comprehensive private university in Thailand. The college covers an area of three-square kilometers, more than 2000 Chinese mu usage area, has a beautiful environment and complete facilities. The university has 15 colleges, 36 undergraduate majors, 10 master’s degree programs and 5 doctoral programs. There are more than 1500 faculty members and more than 27,000 registered students. The school offers a wide range of courses covering economics, media, art, law, medicine, engineering, education, tourism, and sports. It is one of the most comprehensive universities in Thailand.

Thompson Education Center College Town covers an area of 650 acres, with over 5 million square feet of the construction area for educational campus and ancillary facilities. TEC has partnered with many prestigious universities in Unites States, planned to establish courses including, business schools, media arts, medical academies, culinary, various MBAs, special license training, high schools and their affiliated facilities to create an intelligent high-end university community. In 2019, Thompson Education Center worked with International University Alliance under the Ministry of Education to open 50 Thompson Education Center Extension campuses in China.

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