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Sherry Li, CEO of Thompson Education Center, Invited to the Oscars Viewing Gala, Dinner and Awards

Thompson Education Center and their partners co-hosted the Black-Tie “Oscar Viewing Gala, Dinner and Awards”. Ms. Sherry Li, CEO of Thompson Education Center, also participated in the gala organized at the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City, California. The event included several parts: the Red Carpet, media interviews, entertainment programs, dinners, Oscar screenings, awards ceremonies, gift sets, sponsor promotions, fashion shows and a live auction. The dinner had hundreds of professionals, celebrities, former Oscar winners along with CEOs of many companies and world-renowned media members.

During the event, Ms. Sherry Li was fortunate to meet and communicate with many celebrities, including SF Regional Emmy Awards producer David Lockhart, Grammy Awards Voting Aaron Bing, “MyFaceMyBody Awards” Organizer / Famous Awards Ceremony MC Stephen Handisides, principal of modeling school Roberta Sparta, Hollywood First Chair Red Carpet Photographer / CBS Photographer Bob Delgadillo, Miss California Erminia Castaneda, Miss Asia USA, Correspondent Masa Teimorzadeh in addition to many other Hollywood actors and actresses including Katerina Global, Brenda Mejia, Jeff, Said Faraj, etc.

Thompson Education Center has entered into an agreement to cooperate with the Hollywood Education Alliance to conduct Hollywood Celebrity Online Art Education. Sherry Li also had a deep conversation and discussed the related issues with the CEO of Hollywood Education Alliance and Grammy Awards Voting member, May Chang. The celebrities who participated in the event and who joined in the Hollywood Education Alliance will be teachers in the Hollywood Celebrity Online Art Education, offering students a variety of professional and abundant online courses on performing and media art. In addition, Thompson plans to host the Hollywood Art Awards Asian Auditions in China, where musician Aaron Bing and May Chang, producer David Lockhart and many other notable Hollywood stars will be the judges of the auditions.

Also participating in the “Oscar Viewing Gala” event was Mr. Wei Sheng, Executive Chairman of the China Real Estate Finance Association. Additionally, Ms. Li from MEBO Group, Mr. Ou and Designer Mr. Xiaobo Wang joined in the event and communicated with Ms. Sherry Li with intent to plan to develop activities related to Hollywood Celebrity Education and Branding.

Thompson Fine Arts and Performing Arts Academy, LLC will collaborate with multiple levels of film associations and art schools work, and work with a Television Academy subordinate to a Chinese TV Station, which has over ten thousand students, to start online and offline education programs. Thompson Fine Arts and Performing Arts Academy offers summer camps, short-term training, an associate or undergraduate degree with license or a certification in performing arts, fashion modeling, movie media and production programs. Thompson hopes to build a platform for students to learn international and professional media art training and education. After the construction is complete, the campus will have different classrooms tailored to each specialty including music, dance, performing, and various studios. Thompson Fine Arts and Performing Arts Academy will also showcase Broadway productions for the students in its very own Performing Art Center. Students can also write their own script, rehearse, produce and perform the entire drama on the stage in the Performing Art Center. In addition, Beauty Contest Candidates Training and Competition, Award Nights and other pageants will be held at the Education Center’s campus and stadium.

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